15 Aug

5 Sure-Fire Tips for Moving In The Rain

In the wake of the devastating weather that is touching down in our neighboring state of Louisiana and the heavy rainfall we are receiving in the Pearland area, its got us to thinking about tips for moving in the rain.


We have performed thousands of moves during our 25 plus year history, so naturally we have completed numerous moves in the rain for some of our clients.


These five tips are sure-fire ways to help you move during raining conditions.


Lay down plastic or unused cardboard boxes in both homes

Put these down in high traffic areas such as walkways and the kitchen. This will eliminate or considerably cut down on the amount of water that gets tracked onto your carpets or hardwood floors.


Shrink wrap chairs and couches and then cover them with moving blankets

Fully cover your items that are cloth and leather material during the load and unload of them. Wet fabric if it sets in too long can ruin furniture and leather should always be protected as well because it can thin out if exposed to too much water.


Cover washers and dryers with large garbage bags or shrink wrap

Either cover them completely or at least use a garbage bag to tape over behind your w/d units. It is essential that you protect the electrical wires from exposure to water. If they do experience water damage, they may be very expensive to repair.


The use of mattress bags are a must

Many people skip on buying mattress bags and rely on only blankets or sheets to cover them, but during rainy moves, they will be lifesavers. You can get them in every bed size and are worth the protection they will provide.


Wear work boots and gloves with grip features

Boots that are designed to withstand extreme weather are ideal to wear during your rainy move and so are wearing gloves. Even garden gloves will be helpful. Both will allow you to keep a firm grasp of your movements while lifting furniture and décor.


We want you to stay as safe as possible during your rainy day move. These tips are ones that are often overlooked, but if you apply these on moving day, you should be able to have a smooth move.








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