01 Sep

A Quick Pre-Move Checklist

Moving soon? If so, outside of the million and one things to do before the actual moving day itself, there are a few key tasks you should take off of your list before you move into your new home.


Knocking these tasks off of your to-do list ahead of time will make your move feel smoother and more organized.


Switch your utilities and cable to your new address

Many utility companies allow you to set an established date to turn on service weeks in advance before your actual move.


Scheduling the installation for your cable as early as possible is a smart idea too, simply because  they are often swamped with installations. The sooner you schedule your install the better you have chances of securing an install date that is close to your move in date or immediately afterwards.


Change your address with your bank and credit cards

A simple change of address form from the United States Postal Service will not be enough to activate a switch for your bank and credit card companies.


Update your bank and credit card companies roughly a week before your move in date. Therefore, any vital mail that is scheduled to be heading your way will be rerouted to your new address.


The last thing you would want is confidential information being delivered to your old address.


Move essentials before the moving truck comes

Think of all of the items you use daily, pack them up in small boxes, and move them the night before or very early in the morning before the moving truck arrives.


Consider items such as toiletries, paper towels, bath towels, toilet paper, and snacks. Keep the boxes that you put these items in untaped so you can have easy access to them when you need them.


Organize and pack up mementos to hang immediately upon move-in

Bring out your family photo albums, unhook your portraits on your walls, and all other sentimental items that are near and dear to your heart, and pack them up.


Therefore, on move in day you will be able to quickly unpack these items and put them in your new home. Doing this is a quick way to make your house a home on day one.


Discover your new neighborhood

Before move in day take some time to discover your new neighborhood. Find the nearest grocery store, post office, dry cleaners, and coffee shops that you will be able to frequent often.


Having a sense of your new area will help you connect and feel more grounded based on gaining familiarity with your neighborhood.


These quick tips are worth spending some time doing before your moving day arrives. Doing so will allow you to move more effortlessly.


Use this pre-move checklist and contact us when you are moving in the Pearland, Texas area.





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