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06 Sep 2016

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Move

When new home owners and renters were recently polled, they sited the high costs of moving as a considerable source of stress. Their concerns are valid. On average, moving costs movers $1,911 when they factor in hiring a moving company and supplies.

However, there are a several ways to keep costs at a reasonable level when moving. It just takes some planning and patience. If you try any of our ideas below you will be able to save a pretty penny on your next move.


Buy Used Boxes

There are numerous companies in the Pearland and Houston area that specialize in used boxes.

They ensure that the boxes are in top notch condition and are available in a variety of sizes.

The costs are typically about half of what you would spend on new and unused boxes.

Buying used boxes is also eco-friendly because you are recycling an item that has already be used.


Book your move well in advance

After being in business for over 26 years we have seen our fair share of people calling us to book their move at the last minute.

Waiting so late to book your move can potentially costs you extra money because moving companies are fitting you into their moving schedule on very short notice.

It is best to schedule your move at least 2 weeks in advance. That way, you may be able to take advantage of a promotion or special that the moving company may be offering for booking so far out.


Get referrals and recommendations for a moving company

Ask your co-workers, family, and friends, what moving company they used during their last move.

Often times, moving companies will extend a slight price break to you if you mention that you were referred by them from a previous client of theirs.


Hire a team to just load or unload your items

If you are moving from out of the area, then hire a moving company to just load and unload your items. This cuts the costs down of having a company use their truck and more manpower.

Rent a U-Haul or Enterprise truck and drive to your new home once a company has loaded your items and then have another company unload your items in your new city.

This will save you hundreds of dollars in moving expenses.


Book your move during the week versus the weekend

Just like weddings, more moves are conducted on the weekend.

If you have the flexibility, schedule your move during the week.

Many moving companies have lower rates for week day moves or they may offer a better deal to you on a case by case basis in order to fill their schedule up during the week.


We don’t want you to spend no more money than you have to on your next move.

Hopefully, you will be able to put one of these tips, if not all of them, to good use, in order to save you money.





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01 Sep 2016

A Quick Pre-Move Checklist

Moving soon? If so, outside of the million and one things to do before the actual moving day itself, there are a few key tasks you should take off of your list before you move into your new home.


Knocking these tasks off of your to-do list ahead of time will make your move feel smoother and more organized.


Switch your utilities and cable to your new address

Many utility companies allow you to set an established date to turn on service weeks in advance before your actual move.


Scheduling the installation for your cable as early as possible is a smart idea too, simply because  they are often swamped with installations. The sooner you schedule your install the better you have chances of securing an install date that is close to your move in date or immediately afterwards.


Change your address with your bank and credit cards

A simple change of address form from the United States Postal Service will not be enough to activate a switch for your bank and credit card companies.


Update your bank and credit card companies roughly a week before your move in date. Therefore, any vital mail that is scheduled to be heading your way will be rerouted to your new address.


The last thing you would want is confidential information being delivered to your old address.


Move essentials before the moving truck comes

Think of all of the items you use daily, pack them up in small boxes, and move them the night before or very early in the morning before the moving truck arrives.


Consider items such as toiletries, paper towels, bath towels, toilet paper, and snacks. Keep the boxes that you put these items in untaped so you can have easy access to them when you need them.


Organize and pack up mementos to hang immediately upon move-in

Bring out your family photo albums, unhook your portraits on your walls, and all other sentimental items that are near and dear to your heart, and pack them up.


Therefore, on move in day you will be able to quickly unpack these items and put them in your new home. Doing this is a quick way to make your house a home on day one.


Discover your new neighborhood

Before move in day take some time to discover your new neighborhood. Find the nearest grocery store, post office, dry cleaners, and coffee shops that you will be able to frequent often.


Having a sense of your new area will help you connect and feel more grounded based on gaining familiarity with your neighborhood.


These quick tips are worth spending some time doing before your moving day arrives. Doing so will allow you to move more effortlessly.


Use this pre-move checklist and contact us when you are moving in the Pearland, Texas area.





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25 Aug 2016

Three Places You Can Donate Your Furniture in Pearland When You Move

Moving is always such a prime time to discover what you can part with and what you should keep before you move to your new home. Worn out furniture is often the first items that you reason that you can part with before the big move.

But, the question often is, what should you do with your unwanted furniture?

The solution is simple. Donate them to non-profit organizations that need them.

In the Pearland area, there are three organizations that accept used furniture donations.

Goodwill 2800 East Broadway, Pearland, TX (832) 900-7473

Salvation Army 9811 Broadway, Pearland, TX (713) 699-6368

Habitat for Humanity 2900 Dickinson Ave, Dickinson, TX (281) 337-3590

Each of these local centers are always in need of furniture donations. Donating your unwanted furniture to one of these non-profit organizations is a perfect way to let your furniture find a new home with a citizen that may not be as fortunate.



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22 Aug 2016

The Best But Often Overlooked Types Of Moving Boxes You Need


Over the years we have seen our fair share of clients that have purchased the wrong sizes and types of boxes in order to move adequately.


We are packing experts and in saying that, we know that there are a number of types of boxes that are ideal to have on hand but are often overlooked when buying boxes for your move.


These are the five that we believe are must-haves to have when you pack up your belongings for your move.


  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Lamp boxes
  • Dish barrel boxes
  • Art boxes
  • Mirror cartons


These are boxes that time and time again we see lacking with clients when it comes to what they have purchased for their move.


Having these particular boxes will come in handy and best protect the items they are designed to contain and transport.


If you are moving in September in the Pearland, Texas area, let us know. We are currently offering $10 off per hour of moves scheduled for next month. Contact us today. 







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19 Aug 2016

7 Things to do when you move to Pearland

Pearland has been home for us for over twenty-five years. We have seen it go from a small suburb to a thriving mid-sized city. There are countless reasons why it is such a wonderful place to call home. From safe neighborhoods to stellar schools to a strong local economy, Pearland has much to offer its residents.


In saying that, for those of you who will be relocating to the area, either coming from other Houston areas, or from out of state, there are so many things you can do here that are full on excitement and fun.


We have come up with seven things that you should put at the top of your list when you settle in after moving here.


Eat dinner at Killen’s BBQ

Consistently ranked the top barbeque restaurant in the city, it is where going to for dinner. Killen’s has it all, from spare ribs to savory barbeque chicken. You will leave there happy that you stopped by for dinner.


Experience the Arts & Crafts on the Pavilion this fall

Every October, the city hosts a spectacular arts and crafts festival. Vendors from all over the city and state come together to provide Pearland residents with beautiful art, fun activities, and entertainment.


Have a picnic at Independence Park

This park is scenic and perfect for an afternoon picnic. Enjoy its openness and close access to nature trails.


Get your skate on at the Pearwood Skate Center

Dust off your skates and enjoy an afternoon or night of skating. Friday night is teen night and on Saturday’s they are open till 10:30. The Pearwood Skate Center is definitely an activity to cross off of your to-do list in Pearland


Enjoy Shakespeare at the Pearl Theater

The local theater puts on weekly shows of Romeo and Juilet along with other popular and beloved plays. The theater even has a youth division if your child has the acting bug.


Check out the Pearland local bat colony

For something a little off of the beaten path, check out the local bat colony found under the Fite Bridge.


Spend a Saturday at the Bigs Batting Cages

Let your inner baseball or softball star come out and hit a few balls at this indoor batting cage. It is open daily until 9pm.


Which activity are you going to dive into first? We say take a visit to Independence Park first and enjoy a summer evening under the stars.







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15 Aug 2016

5 Sure-Fire Tips for Moving In The Rain

In the wake of the devastating weather that is touching down in our neighboring state of Louisiana and the heavy rainfall we are receiving in the Pearland area, its got us to thinking about tips for moving in the rain.


We have performed thousands of moves during our 25 plus year history, so naturally we have completed numerous moves in the rain for some of our clients.


These five tips are sure-fire ways to help you move during raining conditions.


Lay down plastic or unused cardboard boxes in both homes

Put these down in high traffic areas such as walkways and the kitchen. This will eliminate or considerably cut down on the amount of water that gets tracked onto your carpets or hardwood floors.


Shrink wrap chairs and couches and then cover them with moving blankets

Fully cover your items that are cloth and leather material during the load and unload of them. Wet fabric if it sets in too long can ruin furniture and leather should always be protected as well because it can thin out if exposed to too much water.


Cover washers and dryers with large garbage bags or shrink wrap

Either cover them completely or at least use a garbage bag to tape over behind your w/d units. It is essential that you protect the electrical wires from exposure to water. If they do experience water damage, they may be very expensive to repair.


The use of mattress bags are a must

Many people skip on buying mattress bags and rely on only blankets or sheets to cover them, but during rainy moves, they will be lifesavers. You can get them in every bed size and are worth the protection they will provide.


Wear work boots and gloves with grip features

Boots that are designed to withstand extreme weather are ideal to wear during your rainy move and so are wearing gloves. Even garden gloves will be helpful. Both will allow you to keep a firm grasp of your movements while lifting furniture and décor.


We want you to stay as safe as possible during your rainy day move. These tips are ones that are often overlooked, but if you apply these on moving day, you should be able to have a smooth move.








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12 Aug 2016

3 Tips for Moving When Downsizing

A steadily rising trend in the U.S. is the notion of downsizing. This trend is not just reserved for empty nesters either. Even young families that had the McMansions in the last housing boom a few years back have decided to down size and live in homes that are more affordable and easier to maintain.

If you are in one of those camps and will be downgrading for your new home you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with also downsizing the amount of belongings and furniture you have.

Try out these three ideas as you begin the process of adjusting to your soon to be new home.


Have a garage sale

Hop on Craigslist and Facebook and announce that you are having a garage sale and share specific items that will be included in the sale. Being as specific as possible will entice others to come and check out your sale.

Now is the time to get rid of large items such as dated or worn out furniture. It goes without saying that furniture take up a considerable portion of your square space, so if you are not in love with it, sale it.


Invest in storage solutions

It is a given that there will be some items that you simply can not part with such as apparel, accessories, toiletries, and other valuable items.

In your new smaller home, use smart storage containers from trusted retailers that offer a variety of options.

Smart storage solutions will make your new smaller home feel less cluttered and well organized.


Cut back on duplicate items

If you have full sets of items, then now is the time to try and cut back and keep just two or one of each item.


This would be the case for items such as; chairs, dishware, glassware, desks, plants, end tables, and lamps.

Donate them to charity or give them to friends or family.

You will want to free up as much space as possible in your new home.

Hopefully, these tips will serve you well and allow you to look forward to enjoying life in your new downsized space.


If you are downsizing and need to book a moving company in the Pearland, Texas area, give us a call today.











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10 Aug 2016

Your Summer Moving Checklist

Summer is still in full bloom right now. You may have a move scheduled in the near future. If so, there are a few items you should put on your summer moving checklist in order to have a smooth move this summer.


Number One:

Ensure that the air conditioning in your new home is properly working

The summer heat can be a real danger for your health. Prior to moving into your new home, pay a quick visit to your house or apartment and get the air conditioning running to begin to cool down your home. By checking early, you will be able to know if there are any issues with your a/c unit prior to moving in.


Number two:

Keep pets in a safe and traffic free area with higher than normal levels of water

Your furry loved ones deserve some TLC during your move.

Therefore, provide them with plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep them in a safe area that is also traffic free.


On moving day there is significantly higher amounts of foot traffic taking place, which can cause anxiety for pets. Keeping them in a low or traffic free area will keep them more at bay during your move.


Number three:

Put refrigerated foods in coolers on ice

The summer heat will spoil food fast. Therefore, its critical that you put your cold foods in coolers with as much ice as you can pack into your cooler.


Loading up on ice is a smart tactic because ice will melt faster than you may even anticipate depending on the temperature that day. Essentially, it allows you to be fully prepared for preserving your food.


Number four:

Use permanent markers for labeling

Permanent markers are a must for labeling boxes during the summer months. Non-permanent markers may sweat too much and cause smudging on boxes or on other items during your move.


A classic Sharpie marker should do the trick when properly labeling your boxes.


Number five:

Buy all projected moving boxes at least two weeks before you begin packing

When you are moving, it is best to begin packing as soon as you can. Packing is a very labor-intensive endeavor and doing it over the course of time is much more manageable then at the last minute.


If you begin the packing process early, you will be able to quickly buy more boxes if needed. Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. You want to be able buy enough supplies in a timely manner, especially if you need an odd shaped box that may sell out quickly at supply stores.


As a Pearland, Texas based moving company we have moved families and individuals during the summer months for over 25 years. We welcome the opportunity to move you, so you won’t have to. Contact us today.











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08 Aug 2016

5 Ways To Make Sure You Hire A Reputable Moving Company

Ask many people what they think about hiring a moving company and many will answer with feelings and thoughts of skepticism.


Unfortunately there have been far too many companies in our industry that have disappointed paying customers.


Horror stories continue to play out in the industry, from movers over charging customers, to companies being no-shows on the day of moves, to valuable items being damaged in moves.


None of these unsettling issues help the image of the industry. All too often, individuals opt to do their move themselves because they do not want to encounter a bad experience with a moving company.


But as a moving company that has been in the business for over 25 years, we know that it is in your best interest to hire a company versus doing it yourself.


However, you may be wondering what are some ways to make sure that you hire the best and most reputable company that you can afford for your move.


Our quick list of tips will help you find the best company in your area to move you from one home to the next.


Read Reviews on Facebook and Google

These two areas are prime spots where companies receive reviews online. A quick Google and Facebook check will result in reviews that you can use as a gauge to decide if the company that you have in mind can deliver on their promises.


Check for comments from reviewers that touch upon punctuality, professionalism, speediness, and overall costs.

Comments that offer a seal of approval in these areas are ideal and worth taking into consideration when deciding which moving company to hire.


Check to see if they have a positive rating at the Better Business Bureau BBB  

The BBB has built a stellar database of companies that are registered through them and with providing opportunities for individuals to leave ratings of companies.


Considering that the nature of the BBB is to provide transparency, doing a little research to see if the company you have in mind is listed along with their rating should provide some peace of mind. Most ratings are fair and unbiased since they are based on a formal ratings system.


Request a complimentary in-home walk-through prior to your moving day

Some moving companies offer this as apart of their policy, especially for moving large homes. But if the company that you are interested in hiring doesn’t automatically offer a complimentary walk-in, definitely request one.


Their willingness to do so will let you know that gaining your business and trust is important to them. Walk-throughs prior to moving you will also give the moving company the opportunity to best assess what they will need (number of crew members, supplies, and estimated length of time) for your move. Both are win-win situations for both you and the moving company.


Ensure that they accept multiple forms of payment

Granted in 2016 with the advent of systems such as Paypal and other payment gateways, you would think that everyone has joined the bandwagon to better serve customers.


But you would be surprised to find out the number of moving companies that only accept cash for payment.


Moving can present unpredictable circumstances. You want to hire a company that accepts cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. If a company doesn’t then it may not be worth taking the risk in case payment issues arise.


Request a proposal in writing

Prior to booking ask that what you have been quoted is put into writing. Having an electronic or written quote on record will allow you to know exactly what you are paying for and will serve as a legal document that will protect you in the event that an issue or dispute occurs.


These five tips should help you narrow down on selecting the most reputable moving company to best suit your needs.


In need of a reputable moving company in the Pearland, Texas area? Give us a call and book your move today.









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05 Aug 2016

Why People Are Moving To Pearland

As a Pearland based moving company, we take tremendous pride in being residents of this region of Texas.


We started our business over 25 years ago in this area and over the years we have seen Pearland grow by leaps and bounds.


There are a number of reasons why many families and individuals are moving to Pearland and they all represent signs of it growing even more in the years to come.


The primary reason why people are relocating to Pearland is because it has such a robust economy. Texas in general didn’t suffer as much during the most recent economic downturn that affected other states in the country, and the Houston area was a leader in maintaining a strong economy.


The unemployment rate in Pearland remained several percentage points below the national average. The median household income here is $94,653, which is about 10% higher than other cities in Texas.


Pearland is a city of professionals by and large. White-collar professions lead the employment sector for residents. A significant percentage of individuals hold positions in sales, management, and information technology. In fact, the percentage of IT professionals in Pearland is one of the highest in the country.


It is also one of the most well educated cities in the United States with 46% of adults holding at least a Bachelor’s degree.


Diversity is another motivating reason why many are relocating to Pearland. There is a broad range of residents that speak Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and at least 16% of residents here were even born outside of the United States.


As with the case of many families, the quality of schools here is a primary reason that people are establishing roots in Pearland. The Pearland school district boasts numerous top-performing schools with elementary schools leading the pack in educational excellence.


Pearland also offers plenty to choose from when it comes to public parks, hiking trails, biking trails, nature centers, and golf courses.


To top off one of the many reasons that families and individuals are moving to Pearland is the thriving entertainment and restaurant sector. There is plenty for residents to discover from Tex-Mex, to BBQ, to burgers, to gourmet donuts. No matter what your taste buds desire, Pearland has much to offer.


Overall, Pearland is a stand out city that is growing by leaps and bounds in positive ways. From families to individuals there is much to enjoy in this gem of a city in the Lone Star State.











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