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faqFrequently Asked Moving Questions

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule my move?
A: We prefer at least two weeks advance notice, but we do schedule “last minute” jobs if we have an opening for it.
Q: Do I need to have everything packed and ready?
A: Yes, unless you have already made arrangements for our company to pack for you. Please see our “packing guidelines”.
Q: Are you insured and bonded?
A: Yes, we meet the state’s requirements for insurance relating to the moving industry and we also offer added value insurance.
Q: Do you charge a “travel fee” or a “trip charge”?
A: Our time does not start until the men arrive at the move-out point and it ends when the job is complete. We do not charge you from the time we leave our office. So, in some cases we charge a travel fee. Please ask our office personnel if you fall into that category.
Q: Do you charge by the item?
A: No, we charge by the hour and in some cases we will offer a flat rate.
Q: When do I pay for the move?
A: We require that all charges be paid at the end of the move. We accept cash, check, or credit card.
Q: Is there a fee for postponing or canceling a move?
A: No, we just ask that you please have the courtesy to call and let us know well in advance that you will not be needing our services so that we can fill your time slot with another customer.
Q: Do I have to put up a deposit to schedule a move?
A: No, just call our office and answer a few questions, and we will schedule your move.
Q: How far do you go?
A: We try to stay within 250 miles and we never go over the state line.
Q: How do I know who what moving company I can trust?
A: You are welcome to contact the Department of Transportation, the Better Business Bureau, or your area Chamber of Commerce for a complaint history or profile of any reputable moving company.

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