03 Aug

Five Important Questions To Ask Movers On Your Moving Day

Your moving day is fast approaching and there are a million tasks you need to check off of your to-do list, correct?


Well, once your moving date does arrive, there are several questions that will be helpful for you to ask your movers.


These questions can help to put you more at ease during your move and set the tone for the move overall.


  1. How long do you estimate that the move will take?

Moving companies don’t always have a good reputation when it comes to the length of quotes times for a move.


As an established moving company, we are fairly accurate in our estimations for moves when customers schedule them with us. However, it is a good idea to ask your movers once they get to your home their professional opinion.


They are better able to do that once they do a walk-through of your home and take a physical inventory of how many items you have.


This will allow you to better mentally prepare for a day of moving.


  1. Will there be any additional costs today?

Even though you might have prepared for your move as much as you thought possible, sometimes additional costs can come into play on your moving day.


Common additional costs may include:

  • Extra boxes, tape, miscellaneous supplies
  • Extra hours because your move may take longer than quoted
  • Extra manpower because you may have more heavier items then expected at the time when you scheduled your move


Ask this after your movers do their walk-through of your home so you have adjust your budget if need be before the end of your move.


  1. Are you familiar with homes my size?

If you have a 5,000 square feet home and your movers have only moved one-bedroom apartments, then you may have a challenge on your hands on moving day.


Not to say that they wouldn’t be able to adequately move your items, it just may take longer than expected because they will be on a learning curve on their part.


Much of moving is like a game of Tetris. It involves logistical problem solving. Knowing if your movers have experience moving homes your size should put you more at ease.


  1. Can you assemble beds and hook up washer/dryer connections? 

For some moving companies these are additional costs and for some, their movers may not be equipped with doing these tasks.


It is a good idea to ask early on if your movers can do so, that way you will know if that will be done at the time of your move in or not.


  1. Are there any beverages we can get you and your team?

Moving is hard work. It is extremely labor intensive and has do be done under all sorts of weather conditions.


Getting your moving team cold or warm beverages is a wonderful courtesy to provide. It lets your movers know that you are well aware about the nature of their work.


Remember to ask these five questions on your moving day to ensure an even smoother move.


Feel free to contact us today with any moving needs you may have about moving in the Pearland, Texas area.









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