25 Jul

Five Secrets To a Smooth Move Into Your New Home


Moving ranks number three out of the top five most stressful events most individuals will experience in life according to Health Status magazine.

After performing over 45,000 moves for the past 26 years while in business, we can safely agree that moving can be stressful but we also have learned along the way a few secrets that will make your move less stressful.

1. Book your move in advance

Waiting to the last minute to schedule your move can lead to unnecessary stress due to two possible outcomes. One, the move may costs you more for booking on such short notice and two, it may be harder to find a company with availability on the date you need.

We recommend booking your move at least one month before your move-in date. That will ensure that the date you need gets secured and will be most cost effective for you.

2. Schedule your move for early in the day

Getting an early start time will allow you to have more than enough time to get completely moved into your new home or adjust quickly to any unforeseen issues that may arise.

With Moore and Son you can schedule your move to begin as early as 8am Monday through Saturday.

3. Secure adequate amounts of moving supplies

Time and time again, homeowners and renters underestimate how much moving supplies they will need to safely pack and transport their furniture and personal items.

Take an inventory of every major item you have that’s fragile such as television sets, art, dinnerware, and décor. It’s a good rule of thumb to buy a box that can transport only1-3 of each into a single box.

You will also need to purchase often overlooked supplies such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and fragile stickers along with several cases of packing tape.

4. Have an alternative form of payment on hand

Even in our technologically advanced world, things can still do wrong.

If you are planning to pay by debit or credit card, have a physical check or cash on hand to pay for your move as a back up.

5. Have clear access to your new residence

Make sure that on moving day you have complete access to your now home. That includes security codes, remote control access, and all keys.

Also, make sure that a clear path is available for moving trucks to load or unload your home or that you have reserved elevator access so movers can easily move your items.

Sticking to these five moving day secrets will dramatically help you have a stress-free move.


The Moore and Son Moving team ready to help you have a smooth move into your new home. Receive a free quote today.



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