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We know how stressful moving can be, whether you’re going across town or clear across the country. It can also be an exciting time, one full of new beginnings. You have a lot to handle, so why not call Moore and Son Movers to manage every aspect of your move?

We have more than 25 years of experience applying our expertise and experience to our clients’ unique needs. It’s our job to carry out every detail so that the whole process goes off without a hitch. We make your move as smooth and enjoyable as possible, thanks to free moving quotes, free in-home estimates, free home protection and free in-home packing demo.

As your local movers in Pearland, TX we handle both residential and commercial moves.

* Carefully read your bill of lading front and back before signing.


This following list of comprehensive packing tips for Brazoria County and the entire Houston area and is intended primarily for long-distance moving.

The two main basic principles of packing are:

  1. Everything that fits in a box should be in a box.
  2. If you can move it, so can we.

Here are item-by-item suggestions:

  • Boxes
  • Fragiles
  • Valuables
  • Kitchen
  • Drawers

Make sure all boxes are properly packed and sealed prior to our arrival.  Boxes that are left open or have items bulging out can cause damage to the items in the box or other items during transportation.

Fragile items include but are not limited to China, crystal, glass and marble/granite table tops, mirrors.  Please make sure these items are properly packed or padded prior to our arrival

It is always a good idea to move valuables, like money, jewelry, guns and important papers yourself.

Empty refrigerators and freezers prior to move. These items cannot be moved while full.

Clothing can stay in the drawers, however, any loose miscellaneous items or “junk” drawers need to be emptied.


  • Planning
  • Your Estimate
  • Your Quote
  • Payment
  • Insurance
  • Your Insurance
  • Double Check

Plan your move well in advance.

When you ask for an estimate, give an accurate count of boxes, describe any unusually large furniture you may have, and mention the floor level of your apartment or house. Also mention how accessible your home is (i.e. low tree limbs, power lines).

Ask for the quote in writing. Any reputable moving company will not have a problem furnishing that for you.

Ask what forms of payment they accept.

Ask for the moving company’s insurance information.

Check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to see if it might cover moving accidents.

Remember! There are reasons for unusually low prices. Ask if surcharges or other costs may be added during or after the move.

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