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Packing Tips To Protect Your Belongings On Moving Day


Is your moving day around the corner? If so, that means that very soon your home will be swimming in moving boxes.


However, many renters and homeowners often make unfortunate mistakes when it comes to packing their belongings.


Improper packing leads to broken and damages items, some of which are irreplaceable such as heirlooms and family mementos.


As a long-time leader in the moving industry in Texas, we have created foolproof strategies for packing belongings.


We know that these tips will prepare your items for easy transport, safe and sound.


Use a variety of box sizes

All too often, people try to use one or two sizes of boxes to pack up all of their items.


This is the fastest way to have damages to items. Boxes come in a variety of sizes for a reason, so take advantage of what’s available to use.


The following are types and sizes of boxes that are often overlooked but are wise investments:

  • Flat Screen Boxes
  • Lamp Boxes
  • Art Work Boxes
  • Dishware Boxes
  • Wardrobe Boxes


These boxes are especially designed for specific use. They will protect the most fragile of items best because of their shape and durability.


Don’t leave any empty spaces in any boxes

If you have found that you’ve added all of the needed items into a box but there are spaces in the box, then fill the holes.


Fill the spaces with foam peanuts or old t-shirts. Each box should be as snug as possible, leaving no room for possible accidents or breakage.


On countless occasions, we have heard of individuals opening boxes filled with broken items, which was the result of loose space in the boxes.


Stick to similar items from the same room for each box

This tip is primarily to serve as a way to help with organization during your move.


Put only kitchen items in a box and leave the box in the kitchen once you are done filling it. Do the same for your bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.


Doing so will make unpacking feel more seamless and less stressful.


Bundle fragile items together

This is especially important with kitchen and pantry items.


Bundle dishes, glasses, bowls, plates, serving pieces, and perishable food together by group.


Pack all breakable items on their sides, not flat, in boxes.

Keep them tightly packed together and wrap them in bubble wrap first and then packing paper to further protect them.


Packing can feel like a tedious task that many will put off doing. If you want to save time and peace of mind, we will be more than happy to professionally pack your items for your upcoming move.


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