25 Aug

Three Places You Can Donate Your Furniture in Pearland When You Move

Moving is always such a prime time to discover what you can part with and what you should keep before you move to your new home. Worn out furniture is often the first items that you reason that you can part with before the big move.

But, the question often is, what should you do with your unwanted furniture?

The solution is simple. Donate them to non-profit organizations that need them.

In the Pearland area, there are three organizations that accept used furniture donations.

Goodwill 2800 East Broadway, Pearland, TX (832) 900-7473

Salvation Army 9811 Broadway, Pearland, TX (713) 699-6368

Habitat for Humanity 2900 Dickinson Ave, Dickinson, TX (281) 337-3590

Each of these local centers are always in need of furniture donations. Donating your unwanted furniture to one of these non-profit organizations is a perfect way to let your furniture find a new home with a citizen that may not be as fortunate.



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