20 May

What happens if it is raining on the day of our move?

We almost never cancel a move because of the weather.  The only exceptions are going to be hurricane like conditions and severe flooding.  However, the customer can cancel or postpone if they feel it is necessary.   Keep in mind though, if you postpone, it may be several days before we can reschedule your move.

Texas weather, as you know, is very fickle.   And, the weatherman has been known to be wrong on many, many, many occasions.  We know that in most instances the customer has no choice but to be out of their house on that date.   We will take extra precautions to protect the furniture from the rain while loading and unloading the truck.  We will also lay down pads where necessary to avoid tracking water and mud into the house.  So, please do not panic if the forecast shows rainy weather on your move date.  We all know the weatherman isn’t always right but if by some miracle he is, just know we will get you moved as carefully and safely as possible during rainy weather.

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