05 Aug

Why People Are Moving To Pearland

As a Pearland based moving company, we take tremendous pride in being residents of this region of Texas.


We started our business over 25 years ago in this area and over the years we have seen Pearland grow by leaps and bounds.


There are a number of reasons why many families and individuals are moving to Pearland and they all represent signs of it growing even more in the years to come.


The primary reason why people are relocating to Pearland is because it has such a robust economy. Texas in general didn’t suffer as much during the most recent economic downturn that affected other states in the country, and the Houston area was a leader in maintaining a strong economy.


The unemployment rate in Pearland remained several percentage points below the national average. The median household income here is $94,653, which is about 10% higher than other cities in Texas.


Pearland is a city of professionals by and large. White-collar professions lead the employment sector for residents. A significant percentage of individuals hold positions in sales, management, and information technology. In fact, the percentage of IT professionals in Pearland is one of the highest in the country.


It is also one of the most well educated cities in the United States with 46% of adults holding at least a Bachelor’s degree.


Diversity is another motivating reason why many are relocating to Pearland. There is a broad range of residents that speak Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and at least 16% of residents here were even born outside of the United States.


As with the case of many families, the quality of schools here is a primary reason that people are establishing roots in Pearland. The Pearland school district boasts numerous top-performing schools with elementary schools leading the pack in educational excellence.


Pearland also offers plenty to choose from when it comes to public parks, hiking trails, biking trails, nature centers, and golf courses.


To top off one of the many reasons that families and individuals are moving to Pearland is the thriving entertainment and restaurant sector. There is plenty for residents to discover from Tex-Mex, to BBQ, to burgers, to gourmet donuts. No matter what your taste buds desire, Pearland has much to offer.


Overall, Pearland is a stand out city that is growing by leaps and bounds in positive ways. From families to individuals there is much to enjoy in this gem of a city in the Lone Star State.











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