10 Aug

Your Summer Moving Checklist

Summer is still in full bloom right now. You may have a move scheduled in the near future. If so, there are a few items you should put on your summer moving checklist in order to have a smooth move this summer.


Number One:

Ensure that the air conditioning in your new home is properly working

The summer heat can be a real danger for your health. Prior to moving into your new home, pay a quick visit to your house or apartment and get the air conditioning running to begin to cool down your home. By checking early, you will be able to know if there are any issues with your a/c unit prior to moving in.


Number two:

Keep pets in a safe and traffic free area with higher than normal levels of water

Your furry loved ones deserve some TLC during your move.

Therefore, provide them with plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep them in a safe area that is also traffic free.


On moving day there is significantly higher amounts of foot traffic taking place, which can cause anxiety for pets. Keeping them in a low or traffic free area will keep them more at bay during your move.


Number three:

Put refrigerated foods in coolers on ice

The summer heat will spoil food fast. Therefore, its critical that you put your cold foods in coolers with as much ice as you can pack into your cooler.


Loading up on ice is a smart tactic because ice will melt faster than you may even anticipate depending on the temperature that day. Essentially, it allows you to be fully prepared for preserving your food.


Number four:

Use permanent markers for labeling

Permanent markers are a must for labeling boxes during the summer months. Non-permanent markers may sweat too much and cause smudging on boxes or on other items during your move.


A classic Sharpie marker should do the trick when properly labeling your boxes.


Number five:

Buy all projected moving boxes at least two weeks before you begin packing

When you are moving, it is best to begin packing as soon as you can. Packing is a very labor-intensive endeavor and doing it over the course of time is much more manageable then at the last minute.


If you begin the packing process early, you will be able to quickly buy more boxes if needed. Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. You want to be able buy enough supplies in a timely manner, especially if you need an odd shaped box that may sell out quickly at supply stores.


As a Pearland, Texas based moving company we have moved families and individuals during the summer months for over 25 years. We welcome the opportunity to move you, so you won’t have to. Contact us today.











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